Welcome to the Orchard Park Cooperative Pre-School

The Orchard Park Cooperative Pre-School is a great place to start your child’s educational journey. It is an extraordinary way to help children expand their:

  • love of learning
  • circle of friends
  • self-confidence and independence

Orchard Park Cooperative Pre-School, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1950. Our primary goal is to provide young children with a developmentally appropriate education. Our program cost includes many extras such as daily snacks, field trips, and special in-house activities provided to our students. 

Our program is governed by a distinctive collaboration between our teaching staff and a board of directors consisting of parents of currently enrolled children. 

We are able to provide our students exclusively with highly educated and state certified teaching professionals who bring years of experience with this age group to the classroom.

At the Co-Op, we believe in preparing young children socially, physically, emotionally, and academically for their future both in school and outside the classroom. We provide learning opportunities primarily through the use of centers and play mediums but also during class lessons and small group guidance. Our 4 year old and 4+ classes offer self-guided learning centers such as writing, puzzles and games, workshop, kitchen, math, and library. We believe gross motor activity is essential to the healthy child, and part of every school day is devoted to outdoor play. All of our students develop physically from our preschool playground, as well as socially from their interaction with peers in a play setting.

Parent involvement is a great benefit to our program. We offer tuition options to best suit your family’s needs. For those parents who wish to participate in the classroom on a regular rotating basis, our “participating tuition rate” is available. For those parents who are unable to assist in the classroom on a regular basis, our “non-participating rate” is available. 

For those parents with younger children, a separate Mother’s Day Out program is offered within our building as well. This program is geared toward children aged 1 to 3. Please contact their membership chairperson at (716) 662-2274 for more information .

Thank you for stopping by, and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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